Program and Project Management Delivery

Detail data center Program management coupled with a robust corroborative client Program Management Office is key to ensure large complex design & build projects are executed without experiencing costly delays. Project management while considered by some as an unnecessary luxury, an unmanaged project will inevitable fail due to delays, increased costs and frustrated team members.

Regardless of project size, activities need to be structured and standardized so everyone is on the same page and the project outcome is predictable. Strong project management makes sure nothing slips through the cracks or any effort is duplicated.

Determine appropriate systems and resource availability

Estimate cost, risk levels, schedule and infrastructure exposures

Provide detailed site evaluations and selection processes

Identify potential gaps in migration planning and scheduling

Evaluate future expansion opportunities

Detailed processes when deployed are effective in tracking changes, measuring earned value management objectives to include forecasting: planned cost, actual cost, planned schedule, actual schedule, cost and schedule. These key performance indicators provide project sponsors and stakeholders visibility to ensure successful project high quality outcomes.

In addition, data center project management efforts will establish lines of communication, reduce costs, improve quality, eliminate waste and speed the time to a successful project completion.